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Shortly: I do visual arts. Here's a list of social networks and galleries to explore and see what I do:


Here's what the longer version sound like:

I am mostly known for my photography skills. I prefer to express myself in advertising, journalistic, and documentary but mostly artistic and erotic photography. It's more possible to meet me in a dark museum basement, than on a wedding photo shoot.

Here's a list of thing I can boast with.


I manage a certain blog, that is very popular in this part of the country. But - sorry, it's mostly in Bulgarian and I keep failing with the English translation. Still, it's worth seeing, and maybe I have the important stuff translated.


For years I've been dealing with design - web design, logo design, prepress and printing, etc and I've done quite a lot of things - starting with tens of websites, trough book covers, audio cds and video dvds, all the way to election posters and governmental organisations, even cartooning\animation. In case you are interested in my portfolio, send mail and we will talk.


Currently, I swim in media see and mostly do TV-related things - I am a station\console director and video editor. I make news stories, materials, no comments, documentaries, shows, but also a lot of artistic stuff - such as music videos.


Here's a list that can show what I can do with video:

Old game - new faces, short documentary

Doctor's Gogo Band - Birulex music video

Involvement orLove

The great Vratsa fire

Angel tree (documentary)

TV Vratsa's 2011 curious chronicle

TV Vratsa's digest news announcements

Don't be a statistic - social video

Vratsa, batse - tv spot

SlubFurt TV promo

The snow-covered Vratsa Balkan

Mummers fest, photo presentation

Something that can make you hungry, also meet Bulgarian folklore

A poetic impresion, that granted me work for the TV


I also - every now and then - work with sound; I am very good with amples.