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My photos have been published multiple times in different newspapers - both local and nationwide; also printed in several books; few times shown on local and nationwide TV channels. I win a competition every now and then, and I can boast myself with taking part in a few photo exhibitions - international, joint and separate. Take a look at my representative gallery here.


"Beauty of Vratsa region monasteries" 2007-2009

- European parliament, Brussels, Belgium

- National Assembly, Sofia, Bulgaria

- Regional history museum, Vratsa (video)

- Travelling exhibition, Northwest Bulgaria


"Orthodox - the Vratsa region churches and monasteries" 2007-2008

- "N. Y. Vaptsarov" community centre, Krivodol

- Krivodol library, permanent exhibition


"PanOderama 2010", international exhibition (photo)

- Frankfurt\Oder, Germany


"Schools in Vratsa region", open air exhibition, Vratsa 2010


"SlubFurt" 2010 - 2011

- "Razvitie" community centre, Vratsa (photo and video)

- "N. Y. Vaptsarov" community centre, Krivodol (photo)

- "V. Ganetsovski" art gallery, Borovan (photo)


"PanOderama 2011", international exhibition (video)

- Frankfurt\Oder, Germany


"PanOderama 2012", international exhibition

- Frankfurt\Oder, Germany


"Frankfurt\Oder - land, air and water " international exhibition (video) 2012

- Environmental centre "Nature", Vratsa

- Youth house, Vratsa


"Charity trough the lense" 2012

- the garden in front of "Crystal", Sofia

- metro station SU "St. Kliment Ohridski", Sofia

- travelling exhibition, Bulgaria